dead angle


[ she didn’t seem all that perturbed by the sight of all the rotting bodies around them, she didn’t even see them in her mind. she was so used to such disturbing dreams popping up in her dreams, that it actually seemed more welcoming than her real life. this was a dream, right? her eternal dream, hopefully. there was no need to be afraid or disgusted. anywho, she lowered the device, looking at the message herself. maybe he was a dream character meant to confuse her? not even bothering to brush herself off, she side stepped him and continue on her way. ]
[ although, she paused momentarily, turning back to him. if he had sent it… did it mean he had the effect too? she knew that people were communicating through the object with her, but he sent a message, and somehow that made things different. on video, she could tell it was a sort of game, hide and seek, or maybe tag. but a message was a piece of potentially useful information, and if he just sent one in his confusion… ]

you… use this.. ?

[ she raised the phone slightly, motioning to it. ]

you are… like me?

[ a dreamer. trapped. maybe this wasn’t her dream, that’s why things were different. oh boy, this was going to be confusing. ]


[ she really hadn’t taken anything in the video seriously, had she. ]

huh. this girl wasn’t too social, was she? Battler rubbed his temples and let her pass by him, vision hazy and fading in and out. his other hand traveled down to the buttons that kept his jacket held together, undoing them with relative ease and allowing himself a fair degree of comfort. as much as he wanted to help her, he had no idea of knowing what was going through her mind. lingering about in this place wasn’t going to do either of them any good, but he needed a plan before moving from his spot, too.

you… use this.. ?

gaze broke through the gap in his fingers, falling on the little brunette and the phone she was holding. hand fell from his forehead and immediately reached into his pocket, fishing out the very same contraption and nodding. what was she trying to get at? of course he could use it, and he assumed anyone else on the island could use it just as easily.

Yeah, we’re pretty alike, you and I!

too bad he didn’t understand what she was referring to, and was simply trying to help her by reassuring her that he wasn’t some twisted, deranged psychopath. 

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dead angle


[ looking up with sleepy eyes, she accepted his help casually. suddenly, there was a beeping from the phone. aha, she knew that interacting might give her a new hint as to what to do and where to go! taking out the phone, she tapped a few random buttons before a message popped up. looking at it without a particular expression, she analyzed its contents. it was written in some odd language, or perhaps it was code… anyways, they would have to decode it to find something important, right? ]

[ she showed him the phone, raising her hand so it would be a few inches from his face. personal space? what was that? ]

djfjsdifjsifmaoisdksfADISDGBFDNsdfmiodgb 1392313idweisafjsedfvjdgv hOW DosE WURK poadfcesdvmmASiod asdmascdfmvsm sdiojsdmfs dsmcsdjcds csdc sdvocmsdcvm dsvisdvd vosdvcs dvdism dcvsdfmsdcmd csdm sdv sdfsafMDKALSMDSKD CSD Ssfcsdvdmvdsv haLP

do… [ she paused, not wanting to speak at all. it seems that it was the only way to communicate here though, other than these devices which she was completely confused about. ]
do you know… what it means?

inspecting her once she stood, he noted that she didn’t look to be hurt too badly, since she went to check on the device moments later. that was good, and she seemed to know what she was doing with the communicator, too. paying little heed to his splitting headache, he slid a hand into his pocket and glanced around, surveying the area, as well as the thing she tripped over — it was a rotting arm, and the sight made him sick to his stomach. worse had been seen during the Rokkenjima games, but such a sight still made his stomach churn with disgust.

before he could linger on the rotting appendage, the small brunette took the device and held it directly in front of him. the message on screen had been the message he sent mere minutes ago. oops.

Whoa, whoa, it popped up on yours?! I didn’t know it’d do that when I hit that big button.. Sheesh, I wonder who all I sent it to.

good going battora

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dead angle


[ the brunette is walking around, when suddenly she hears something angry. peeking from the side of a tree, she spots the red-head quickly, his fancy clothes and loud voice gave him away. that and there was no one there alive other than herself. loud. so many loud people here. why is this dream like this? why couldn’t she control them? could she control what was in her dream in the beginning? … maybe she shouldn’t bother with the thought too much. it was uncertain, and she needed to be certain. she needed to find things, and she couldn’t be uncertain while looking for something that’s hidden. ]
[ she decided to interact with him. he seemed to be having just as much trouble with the contraption as she was, so maybe there was something to be gained from him? yeah, it’s possible. she could try. she wasn’t looking at the ground as she took a step forward, tripping over what seemed to be a smelly, decaying human arm. with a loud thud, she landed face first into his proximity. she didn’t let out a peep though, except maybe an involuntary gasp as her face met the floor. ]

[ pain, she felt it. she hadn’t felt it in a long time. she hadn’t felt pain when she was flying— or was it falling. was there a difference? anyways, it was too quick to tell, and she had immediately landed here anyways. how lucky. she felt odd as her head pounded, an odd stinging sensation on her hands. a scrape? ]

[ so have fumbling madotsuki trying to get up from the floor. ]

at this point, he was particularly unamused with the handheld device. all he could get it to do was light up and beep, like it was trying to tell him that he was an idiot for being unable to get it to work. eventually, he managed to open up some sort of box, and, impressed with his own progress, began to mash any button that looked like it might do something. thirty seconds later, he had a rather impressive string of gibberish on screen.


djfjsdifjsifmaoisdksfADISDGBFDNsdfmiodgb 1392313idweisafjsedfvjdgv hOW DosE WURK poadfcesdvmmASiod asdmascdfmvsm sdiojsdmfs dsmcsdjcds csdc sdvocmsdcvm dsvisdvd vosdvcs dvdism dcvsdfmsdcmd csdm sdv sdfsafMDKALSMDSKD CSD Ssfcsdvdmvdsv haLP

without hesitation, he hit enter, and sent it out for anyone and everyone to see and be completely and utterly awed confused. smacking the device on his opposite palm, the redhead nervously chewed on his tongue. was this the kind of stuff everyone had to look forward to in the future? screw that, if this was the shit he had to deal with, he didn’t want the 80’s to ever end.

admittedly, he was more focused on the contraption than his surroundings, but only a deaf man could have missed the sound of someone falling. his gaze snapped to the source, brow arching in response — someone had fallen nearby, and with a few calculated steps, it wasn’t hard to miss the brunette fumbling about on the floor. 

Hey, are you all right.. ?! “ 

if she’d let him, he’d help her up, but if not, then he kept his distance and watched her. 

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dead angle ; open


a sole figured inhabited the blackness, his breath caught in his throat, as if he was being suffocated by the shadow itself. blue eyes focused on the nothingness ahead of him, the boy himself determined to break free of the dark expanse that enveloped him — and then, he coughed violently, eyes watering immediately. without delay, he noticed he was lying on the ground in an area he didn’t recognize, and immediately put his guard up. not too far away from him was a tattered backpack, though the redhead had no intention of fishing through it at the moment. he sat up slowly, palm pressed firmly against his temple, while a violent headache raged throughout his cranium.

Gyaaah.. my head is killing me. Shit, what kind of joke is this?! “ 

stumbling to his feet, Battler snatched the backpack off the ground and leaned against whatever he was closest to; his head was spinning, and that violent pain still felt like it was going to rip his skull wide open. throwing the bag open, he reached inside and pulled out what looked to be a handheld device. was it.. a phone? things like this existed in 1986, but nothing that looked this advanced. the kind of phone he remembered was big, bulky, and only good for whapping people over the head. this thing looked way too high tech for him to begin to understand how to use it, but apparently, he didn’t need to know how to use it that well.

the screen lit up, presumably because of Battler’s random button mashing, and described the situation to him. the sorcerer quickly absorbed the information and processed it, yet it made little sense to him. what the hell was the point of doing this? 

Ahhhh.. It’s useless, useless, useless, useless useless USELESS! This is no good at all, damn it! “ 

middle finger and thumb pressed against opposing temples, rubbing meticulously to bleed the tension from his skull. this wasn’t good, and at the worst possible time! with a deep inhale, Battler quickly composed himself as best he could, his attention now focused on the small device. the light did nothing to help the searing pain in his head, but the youth surmised that the thing had something to do with communication. it was obvious, and anyone who missed that detail would have been better off smashing their own face in with it than trying to use it! so, without further ado, here’s Battler trying to understand how to use it.

Damn it, work! How do you ..

flip flip.

… use this …

tap tap, shake shake.

.. damn, damn it .. “ 

punch! punch! 

drop! oh shit — oh, he caught it.

C-C’mon, how do you use this thing?! “ 

[Character Name] Ushiromiya Battler.

[Series] Umineko no Naku Koro Ni

[History] Battler is one of the cousins who came to Rokkenjima to participate in the yearly Ushiromiya family conference. until that point, he had lived with his grandparents (on his mothers side) for six years after his mother, Asumu, died. due to this, and a certain few events, Battler abandoned the Ushiromiya name to live elsewhere, and had stayed away from the family and the conference for a whole six years before deciding to return. it’s during his return to the conference that everything takes a turn for the worse, and possibly because of his very attendance. . 


a compassionate, yet stubborn and hotheaded young man, Battler is a large pervert and has a tendency of flirting with young woman, as well as a perpetual fear of shaky transportation. as shown in some conversations, he can be a bit of a slacker when it comes to school and work, and would prefer to cooly ride out life while the money pours in. he’s friendly, and won’t hesitate to help out a friend or even casually speak to his enemies when the situation presents itself. when he sets his mind to something, he makes it happen, and will not back down from a fight or a confrontation if someone is dead set on having it out, though he isn’t the type to actively pick fights. he strives to be nothing like his father, Rudolf, whom he claims is an old, rotten bastard, and thus conducts himself accordingly. 


Endless Nine: a power that stems the very source of his resistance itself — Battler so vehemently denies the existence of magic and otherworldly concepts that this manifests itself in the highest anti-magical rating possible. as a result of this belief, any magical attack or attempt against him will completely and utterly fail as long as Battler persists in his belief that such things are impossible.

Endless Sorcery/Magic: ironically, Battler becomes the game master and thus inherits the title from Beatrice herself. this allows him to utilize the very power he denies, and he can literally use it to do whatever he desires. in short, it is a power that is only limited by his imagination, as long as it adheres to the rules of magic. 


if he wants to make it rain tits and ass, he can make it rain tits and ass. 

[Weapon of Choice]

an illustrious golden longsword that he creates using his powers as the endless, golden sorcerer and the game master of rokkenjima

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